Little Happy Learners launched in 2019 in a small house just outside London in the UK. A stay at home mum, an ex primary school teacher and early years specialist.

Welcome to the Little Happy Learners (LHL) community of parents, carers, educators and fun seekers. We are here to share the wonderful ways you can play and learn with your little ones at home!

LHL is here to share a way of life for you and the young children in your care. By introducing some fun, exciting and simple activities to make each day a success.

Here at LHL headquarters, we love using things you have at home. We love recyclables and we LOVE to craft

Before you get started Here are a few top tips to set yourself up for the most playful household.


Any activity set up is designed to be enjoyed together By giving your little one 15 minutes of your undivided time you will open up opportunities for so much discussion and happiness. (If appropriate and safe to do so, after that 15 minutes your child can enjoy it independently)


Not all activities will be a success straight away, your little one may need some time to get used to the ‘new’ activity. Never just pack away, leave it out and come back to it.


Timing is EVERYTHING. Never plan an activity when your little one is tired or hungry. This will never go to plan.


For any ‘messy play’ get yourself a large double fitted sheet. Place a chair leg/ table leg/ large soft animal into each corner. This will create a space to keep the mess in!


For lots of the resources we use at home here’s a link to my amazon shop, please note this is an affiliate linked storefront and part of the amazon associates programme. This means that each item bought gives me a little commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.