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Bringing Books Alive

Bringing Books Alive with Bookish Play I’m a Mum of four boys and a former Primary School teacher. Instilling a love of literature in my students and now children is a goal of mine for many reasons. Fostering a love of reading provides children with a framework or background knowledge to inform and make sense […]

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Author bio Abbie and Alice are former teachers, now mums and owners of Play Makes Sense. They create and sell sensory play phonics activity cards to empower parents to teach their children to read and write through sensory play. All the activities on the cards are quick and simple for parents to set up and

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Sleep Blog

Are you doing these 4 things to help your child get their best sleep? In my work as a sleep consultant the most common request I get is from mums struggling to create healthy sleep habits with their babies. And no wonder. Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling exhausted, impatient, emotional, and overwhelmed, and can

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Milestones and Tips

Communication Milestones: Birth to 4 years Milestones at Birth to 3 months Will startle to sounds Begins to smile Lots of cooing Milestones at 4 to 6 months Turn to sounds Begins to pay attention to music Continues cooing but will also begin to babble (babble is more speech-like with consonant and vowel combinations e.g.

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Everyday Play

Hi! I’m Susie Robbins, from Resolve to Play. I am passionate about all things play, but mostly about making play accessible to everyone. This means that I champion the style of play that is affordable in terms of both money and time. Play should be fun for everybody involved, in fact it is a hard

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